Chip Bee Gardens
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Chip Bee Gardens is a state-owned enclave of approximately 350 units of black & white terrace houses, 40 apartments
and 20 retail shops in Singapore. It was a military estate, established in the mid-1950s to house British army personnel based in Pasir Panjang, Tanglin and Alexandra. The estate then comprised of six blocks of apartment flats, semi-detached houses and two rows of shop houses, which served as mess hall for the British soldiers to socialise, play billiards and conduct meetings.

The double row of shophouses at Chip Bee Gardens are still used for residential, social and recreational purposes and have been since the 60s and 70s. With the withdrawal of the British Armed Forces in 1971, the ground floor units of the Chip Bee shophouses were consolidated and subdivided into separate retail outlets whereas the upper floors were tenanted out as residences and work lofts.

From the simple, plain, functional residences in the 60's, without fences but also without any trees, the estate is now lush a 'green' estate thanks to NParks and the residents themselves.